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Q. How many passengers can you accommodate?
A. 11 passengers
Q. Do you provide child restraints?
A. Yes, for a small fee we can provide a child restraint from 6months to 8 years. All child restraints are cleaned before and after use and abide by NSW safety guidelines.
Q. Is there a cancelation fee?
A. No, unless cancelation takes place within 24hours of the booked pick up (some exemptions apply).
Q. How much baggage can each person bring per booking?
A. Each person is able to bring one carry-on bag and one stowaway bag as per airline regulations.
Q. Do you carry luggage to check in at the terminal?
A. No, we do not provide that service however we can assist to load and unload the luggage at road side if requested.
Q. Do you use toll roads?
A. Yes, however sometimes due to traffic constraints toll roads aren’t the fastest route so the driver will use the fastest route on the day.
Q. What methods of payment are available?
A. Direct deposit (bank transfer), Efpos and cash. All payments are required prior to service.
Q. Can you use the bus lanes?
A. No, due to transport framework revisions point to point transport services are unable to use bus lanes.
Q. Can I choose my pick up time?
A. No, as this is a passenger transport service you may be required to share a trip with other customers. However, dependent on bookings we may be able to accommodate your request of pick up time.
Q. What time is the earliest and latest pick up time?
A. First pick up at 0430hrs and last pick up 2100hrs
Q. How would I know what time you will be picking me up at my requested location?
A. You will receive a phone call the night before advising you the time of pick up. If we are unable to contact you via moblie, we will send a text message/email advising your pick up time.
Q. Do you provide wheelchair service?
A. No, not currently.
Q. Do you allow animals?
A. Service animals yes, others please contact for further information.
Q. If I am running late, will you be able to wait?
A. To provide an efficient transfer service we need to run on time; therefore, we can only wait a maximum of 10-15minute. However, this is subject to change with traffic conditions and driver discretion.
Q. What is your policy on aggressive or rude behaviour?
A. Zero tolerance, any aggressive or rude behaviour will result in the booking being cancelled and fees refunded.